Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our office staffs and leaders hail from the various regions and destinations that you will visit. While Ace the Himalaya’s office staff hold the requisite experience and skill that their job demands, the guides are all licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, speak fluent English, Korean, German, Chinese, French, Russian and hold a high Altitude First Aid Certificate. All share great enthusiasm for guiding and have been chosen for their native experience and thorough personal knowledge.

They really enjoy what they do and express great joy in introducing you to favorite local places, people and the behind-the-scenes spots that would never otherwise be explored. As they open up, you will begin to learn about their own lifestyles and families, along with personal influences and beliefs. They have great interpersonal skills and their fine sense of humor will make you feel very comfortable during trips.

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff members at Ace will make sure that you receive the best service and attention throughout your stay.


Madan Kandel Madan Kandel Trekking Guide
Kishor Neupane Kishor Neupane Trekking Guide
Milan Adhikari Milan Adhikari Trekking Guide
Rajendra Neupane Rajendra Neupane Trekking Guide
Rajendra Khatri Rajendra Khatri Trekking Guide
Ramesh Adhikari Ramesh Adhikari Trekking Guide
Baikuntha Nepal Baikuntha Nepal Trekking Guide
Ramhari Neupane Ramhari Neupane Trekking Guide
Sunil Neupane Sunil Neupane Trekking Guide
Sunil Ghale Sunil Ghale Trekking Guide
Dipak Dahal Dipak Dahal Trekking Guide
Manoj Bhattarai Manoj Bhattarai Trekking Guide
Dipesh Rokaha Dipesh Rokaha Trekking Guide
Resham Rana Resham Rana Trekking Guide
Deepak Neupane Deepak Neupane Trekking Guide
Raj Kumar Karki Raj Kumar Karki Trekking Guide
Kamal Raj Neupane Kamal Raj Neupane Trekking Guide
Pasang Dawa Sherpa Pasang Dawa Sherpa Trekking Guide
Dawa Tamang Dawa Tamang Climbing Guide
Yam Rana Yam Rana Trekking Guide
Kumar Gurung Kumar Gurung Trekking Guide
Ramsaran Bhatta Ramsaran Bhatta Trekking Guide
Ramesh Karki Ramesh Karki Trekking Guide
Surya Gurung Surya Gurung Trekking Guide
Sushanta Neupane Sushanta Neupane Trekking Guides
Aamod Nepal Aamod Nepal Trekking Guide
Kalika Shrestha Kalika Shrestha Trekking Guide
Suraj Rai Suraj Rai Mountain Biking Guide
Pratap Neupane Pratap Neupane City & Mountain Biking Guide
Tej Regmi Tej Regmi Trekking Guide
Kedar Tamang Kedar Tamang Tour Guide
Tshering Dorje Tshering Dorje Operation In-Charge (Bhutan)
Sujan Khatry Sujan Khatry Business Development & Sustainability Coordinator
Rupesh Rokaha Rupesh Rokaha Logistics Officer
Kumar Bhandari Kumar Bhandari Website Administrator
Anuska Pradhan Anuska Pradhan Content Writer
Binod Rokaha Binod Rokaha Videographer
Del Chandra Aryal Del Chandra Aryal Financial and Legal Advisor
Sunita Dhakal Sunita Dhakal Account Manager
Suvani Subba Suvani Subba Reservation Officer
Jenisha Karki Jenisha Karki Content Writer
Divya Poudel Divya Poudel CSR Coordinator
Sumitra Pandey Sumitra Pandey Financial Controller
Kathy Kramer Kathy Kramer Representative (United States)
Melanie Kreuzer Melanie Kreuzer Representative (Europe)
Kevin Hall Kevin Hall Representative (UK and Ireland)
Rachael Strick Rachael Strick Representative (Australia & New Zealand)
Kathleen Serra Kathleen Serra Representative (Australia & New Zealand)
Alfira Naftaly Pangalila (Abex) Alfira Naftaly Pangalila (Abex) Representative (Indonesia)
Sihyoung Park Sihyoung Park Representative (South Korea)
Prem K. Khatry Prem K. Khatry Founder, CEO & Managing Director
Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer
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