Melanie Kreuzer - Ace the Himalaya

Melanie Kreuzer
Representative (Europe)

In 2007, the big moment arrived for Melanie: a first time trip to Nepal. She had previously traveled in the Indian Himalayas and had loved it. In Nepal she spent almost two months, travelling, climbing and trekking with a close friend of hers. This was meant to be the first of her several jaunts to Nepal. Her love and compassion for the mountains, the people and the country has never ended.

Each year she spends some months in the Himalayas. During the course of her annual visits, she got to know Prem personally (as she always booked her expeditions and trekking trips with Ace the Himalaya). In 2008 they decided to join forces and Melanie became a happy addition to Ace’s growing family. Melanie continues to help and support Ace the Himalaya’s initiatives, especially Sambhav Nepal Foundation.

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