Bhutan is cradled in the deep folds of the Himalayas. Very little has been heard of Bhutan, and to most people, it is a hidden kingdom shrouded in mystery. It is classified as one of the most exotic destinations in the world today. This kingdom often referred to as “the last Shangri-la,” is a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery, and natural wonders with a proud and vibrant culture. a unique and rare place that few people have the privilege of visiting.

Bhutan is bounded by the Tibetan regions of China in the north and the sweltering plains of India in the south. This mountainous kingdom is aptly named “Last Shangri-La” or “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” Bhutan’s significant features range from subtropical to the cold reaches of the nearly 25,000-foot Tibetan border.

Today, when almost all parts of the world have seen a surge in tourist numbers, Bhutan has continued to follow a policy of regulated tourism in order to safeguard the country’s natural environment, rich cultural heritage, and unique way of life for its people. Making Bhutan one of the least traveled countries in the world.

Similarly, in Bhutan, we provide Trekking in Bhutan, Cultural tours and Sightseeing, Festival tours, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Motorcycling, etc.

Come explore and unravel the untouched wonders of Bhutan for yourself. Snow-capped mountains, emerald-green landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and gentle people all await you. Experience the hospitality of Bhutan with Ace the Himalaya. You can choose your preferred trip in Bhutan from the list:

Trekking in Bhutan

8 Days
Druk Path Trek Demanding

Druk Path Trek

Following the ancient high-level route between Paro and Thimpu, the “Bhutan Trek & Tour” which is also called as Druk Path trek.

12 Days
Chomalhari Trek Strenuous

Chomalhari Trek

Also known as Jumolhari Trek, this intimate wilderness trek offers a great variety of trekking conditions, from remote farmland and blue pine forests, to alpine pastureland and breathtaking mountain views.

18 Days
Laya Ghasa Trek Demanding

Laya Ghasa Trek

Also known as Jumolhari Trek, this intimate wilderness trek offers a great variety of trekking conditions, from remote farmland and blue pine forests, to alpine pastureland and breathtaking mountain views.

Cultural Tour and Sightseeing

5 Days
Bhutan Vistas Tour Easy

Bhutan Vistas Tour

Visit the last Himalayan kingdom in this short tour and have a spectacular cultural experience and enjoy its largely intact landscapes and Buddhist culture.

10 Days
Cultural Heartland Tour Easy

Cultural Heartland Tour

Our Cultural Heartland tour provides one of the best opportunities to experience most if not all of the Bhutanese life style in all its glory.

11 Days
Hidden Valley Easy

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley tour provides visitors with the perfect insight while highlighting many traditional landmarks and culture customs of the Bhutanese people.

11 Days
Bhutan Multi Sports Tour Adventure Sports

Bhutan Multi Sports Tour

Bhutan multi sports tour is perfect for thrill seekers, adventurers, active lifestyle enthusiasts and for those interested in immersing into the cultural delights of this unique Himalayan Kingdom.

Festival Tours

8 Days
Paro Tshechu Festival Easy

Paro Tshechu Festival

Paro Tshechu Festival is one of the busiest festivals in Bhutan, dances are performed by trained monks and laymen wearing amazing costumes.

9 Days
Punakha Tsechu Easy

Punakha Tsechu

The highlight of this tour is the Punakha Tsechu festival consisting of typical masked dances which are very colourful and interesting.

9 Days
Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu Easy

Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu

The Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu is a festival honoring Guru Padmasambhava, "one who was born from a lotus flower.He is the founder of the Nyingmapa.

11 Days
Bumthang Tangbi Easy

Bumthang Tangbi

The Bumthang Tangbi Festivals are festivals where masks of glorious demonic demons and animals arouse your senses as you watch the purification take place.

12 Days
Bhutan Ura Yakchoe Easy

Bhutan Ura Yakchoe

Highlighting this tour is the Ura Yakchoe Festival; invocations of local blessing and religious purification. Tsechus are spiritual, exotic arrays of color, medieval and breathtaking.

12 Days
Tamshingphala Choepa Easy

Tamshingphala Choepa

Tamshingphala Choepa tour gives you the opportunity to explore Bhutans most visited sightseeing historical sites in Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang.

16 Days
Mongar and Trashigang Easy

Mongar and Trashigang

Mongar Trashigang - Mongar (1,700m) is the headquarters of the district of the same name. Trashigang is known for its woodwork and weaving.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

8 Days
Bhutan Biking Advance Beginner

Bhutan Biking

Ever since the government opened the country for tourists, Bhutan biking has slowly gained pace. Biking in Bhutan is a very rejuvenating experience.


12 Days
Bhutan Motorcycle Tour Challenging

Bhutan Motorcycle Tour

Start your engines, shift your gears and ride beside the mountains inhaling pure Himalayan pine scented breeze in this motorcycle tour.

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