Festival Tours in Bhutan

Festival Tours in Bhutan

Plan your journey to visit Bhutan to coincide with one of the vibrant religious festivals, known as “tshechu.” Tshechus are celebrated to honor Guru Rimpoche, the precious teacher. This Indian saint spread tantric Buddhism throughout the Himalayas. Invariably, the tshechu is celebrated on the 10th day of the month in the Bhutanese lunar calendar, this being an auspicious date.

The most famous festivals are the Paro festival in spring and the Thimphu festival in autumn, because these are also peak tourist times. However, every region and every village holds its own tshechu at different times of the year. Many colorful festivals take place in Punakha, already warm in the early spring, Wangdi in the autumn, and Trongsa in the middle of winter.

In the festival tours in Bhutan, we have festivals like Paro tshechu Festival, Punakha Tsechu, Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu, Bhumthang Tangbi, and many more. Similarly, the festivities consist mainly of masked dances, chanting, blessings, or reading religious texts aloud and last two or three days. The repertory of masked dances and the gorgeous silk and brocade costumes are the same for all the “tshechu”; only the settings are different.

The events take place both outside and inside the Dzongs. Thronging with locals, these occasions are a visual delight for all to experience. The climax of the festivals is the unfurling of a huge silk appliqué “thangka” from the top of the building. This takes place on the final day of the festival. The Punakha Dromchoe, which is celebrated either before or after the Tsechu, is performed to commemorate the victory over the Tibetans when they invaded in the 17th century.

Other festivals offered by Ace the Himalaya are listed down below:

8 Days
Paro Tshechu Festival Easy

Paro Tshechu Festival

Paro Tshechu Festival is one of the busiest festivals in Bhutan, dances are performed by trained monks and laymen wearing amazing costumes.

9 Days
Punakha Tsechu Easy

Punakha Tsechu

The highlight of this tour is the Punakha Tsechu festival consisting of typical masked dances which are very colourful and interesting.

9 Days
Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu Easy

Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu

The Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu is a festival honoring Guru Padmasambhava, "one who was born from a lotus flower.He is the founder of the Nyingmapa.

11 Days
Bumthang Tangbi Easy

Bumthang Tangbi

The Bumthang Tangbi Festivals are festivals where masks of glorious demonic demons and animals arouse your senses as you watch the purification take place.

12 Days
Bhutan Ura Yakchoe Easy

Bhutan Ura Yakchoe

Highlighting this tour is the Ura Yakchoe Festival; invocations of local blessing and religious purification. Tsechus are spiritual, exotic arrays of color, medieval and breathtaking.

12 Days
Tamshingphala Choepa Easy

Tamshingphala Choepa

Tamshingphala Choepa tour gives you the opportunity to explore Bhutans most visited sightseeing historical sites in Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang.

16 Days
Mongar and Trashigang Easy

Mongar and Trashigang

Mongar Trashigang - Mongar (1,700m) is the headquarters of the district of the same name. Trashigang is known for its woodwork and weaving.

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