Travel Insurance

Please Note: – Travel Insurance is mandatory for booking any of the Ace the Himalaya’s tour and packages.

Traveling is filled with fun and adventure but the shadow of risk is always there. One never knows what lies in store at the next corner, so one should always be prepared for unforeseen risks and hazards that one may face!

Travelling in the beautiful Himalayas is fraught with danger. The rugged terrain and soaring heights may steal your heart away but these are places where one should be careful every step of the way. One could suffer a fall or an altitude sickness while traveling in the Himalayas.

While trekking or climbing in the high mountains, as you ascend higher the air gets thinner and the oxygen level in the atmosphere depletes. You could suffer from AMS(Acute Mountain Sickness) which may kill  if left untreated.

Nature may also play truant and throw several hurdles on your way by way of landslides, cloudburst, avalanche, snowstorm etc., which may leave you stranded in the high mountains. In such situations an emergency rescue via air (helicopter/air ambulance) will be necessary. This may prove to be expensive if you don’t have insurance cover.

Sometimes you may miss your flight, lose your baggage or your vacation that you have already booked and paid may get cancelled without you getting any refunds. All these may burn a hole in your pocket if you are not insured. So it is wise to take out a Travel Insurance before you take that next trip, especially if you are travelling to the Himalayas.