Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Ace the Himalaya in co-operation with Sambhav Nepal participated in different earthquake relief distribution programs and is actively working on different projects to benefit the earthquake affected areas and people of Nepal. There were several funding programs launched in the earthquake affected areas of Gorkha where 36,600 kg of food supplies, 220 blankets and 3730 roofing sheets were distributed to people and the community. Below are the list of different program organised for earthquake relief by Sambhav Nepal with help of Ace the Himalaya.

  1. In the rainy and misty morning of October 30, Sambhav Nepal gave 100 sacks of rice (each weighing 30 kg and in total 3,000 kg) to the people of Ratamate village who have been affected by the April earthquake. The village, which falls in Arupokhari VDC of Gorkha district, lies about 170 km west of Kathmandu city.
    The support to the earthquake victims was possible due to the financial assistance from the 13 volunteers who were led by Vicki Hannam. They came to Ratamate to build a house under Rebuild Home Gorkha project. The project is supported by local adventure company Ace the Himalaya. Read More
  2. Melanie who works for Ace the Himalaya as an Adventure Consultant (European Representative) came to Nepal on late October 2015, with school supplies, shoes, winter boots and jackets. She along with Prem went to Gorkha to distribute all the necessary supplies rice, oil etc to the needy people. Read More
  3. On October 15, 2015 two kind-hearted souls who came all the way from Sweden to help students and teachers of Gorkha district, where the earthquake had its epicenter. They distributed 120 blankets and items like pencils, volleyball, toothpaste and toothbrush to the students and teachers of Gorkha Ratamate. Read More
  4. On August 2015, Lona Nichele from Switzerland distributed 100 blankets to earthquake affected people of Gorkha which was the epicentre of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Read More
  5. On July 2015, Sambhav Nepal went to a very remote village Runchet where no sufficient aid was recieved yet and distributed 7500 kg of rice to 250 houses. Read More
  6. On June 2015, earthquake relief team from Sambhav and Ace made a visit to the northern Gorkha to help the victims. The visit was made to distribute corrugated aluminum sheets to the schools destroyed by the earthquake so that they can make temporary classrooms to teach students. And also to distribute rice, one of the main foods of Nepalese people. Read More
  7. Ace and Sambhav team made a second trip to Gorkha, the epicenter of earthquake and one of the hardest-hit districts, with aid comprising of 9,000 kg rice (300 sacksx30 kg) and 1,200 aluminum roofing sheets (100 bundlesx12 sheets). We visited 7 villages and 7 community schools distributing relief supplies, assessing the damages and gathering information which we need for our school-rebuilding project and future aid-distribution trips. But our main destination was Manbu village. Read More
  8. On May 2, our founder Prem K Khatry travelled to Arupokhari village of Gorkha with 7,000 kg of rice, lentils and salt, and tarps and distributed them to the earthquake victims. Read More
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