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Kathmandu Valley- A City of Myths

Kathmandu valley is where mythology and geology intertwine. Made up of three historic cities; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, it has a rich past and a history that speaks of gods and goddesses mingling with mere mortals. One can find a... Read More

Shikali Jatra in Khokana

Shikali Jatra in Khokana
Shikali Jatra is celebrated by a section of the ethnic Newar community living in Khokana, a medieval Newari heritage village in the southern part of Kathmandu valley. The villagers, though practicing Hindus, do not celebrate Dashain. In place of Dashain... Read More

Saraswati Puja (Shree Panchami)

Nepal can be called the land of festivals because  the nation celebrates at least one festival every month.'Saraswati Puja' or 'Shree Panchami', a Hindu festival also referred to as 'Basanta Panchami' falls in early spring. It is also known as... Read More

What You Need to Know about Tihar?

Tihar festival
Tihar, the second biggest Hindu festival in Nepal, has begun. So, here are some things you need to about it. 1. It is celebrated over the course of five consecutive days. 2. The first day is Kaag Tihar. On this... Read More

Life of Krishna

Krishna is the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is one of three chief Hindu gods. He took birth on Earth to destroy evils, especially his cruel uncle Kansa. He grew up with his foster parents in Vrindavana, where he... Read More

Buddha Jayanti-Birthday of Lord Buddha

Buddha Jayanti
"Buddha Jayanti", the birthyday of Lord Buddha is looked as one of the great festival by the people of Nepal. There are many historical monuments in Nepal, and one of them is the Pillar of Lumbini, which has significance and... Read More

Maha Shivaratri-The night of Lord Shiva

Maha Shivaratri is one of the most important and popular festivals, celebrated in Nepal. It falls in the month of February or March. The government of Nepal declares public holiday in Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri means “the night of the... Read More

Saraswati Puja- The day for the deity of knowledge, art and music

Saraswati puja
Saraswati Puja is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Nepal. It usually falls in the month of February. Saraswati Puja is also known as Shree Panchami or Basanta Panchami. Saraswati is a four-handed HIndu goddess, seated on a white lotus. Her bahaan (vehicle) is a... Read More