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VOLUNTOURISM: Volunteering While Traveling


Thinking about Voluntourism?

Have you ever thought of helping others while traveling? Have you imagined yourself doing charity during your trip? If your answer is “Yes”, then you should be informed that such tour is called ‘Voluntourism’. Wikipedia defines Voluntourism as “travel which includes volunteering for a charitable cause”. The other similar names are volunteer travel, volunteer vacation and vacanteerism.

In fact, voluntourism is a much focused program of Ace the Himalaya. Nepalese people have grown up seeing many tourists being involved especially schools, organizations, etc. while holidaying. So, it has been popular in Nepal since long and it has to be promoted further. in other words, Voluntourism  is like killing two birds with one stone. You can enjoy the traveling experiences and at the same time, get close with the people. One can teach the children at schools, play with them, cooperate with any social organization or join hands on any local activity.

Ace the Himalaya welcomes those who want to involve in voluntourism. We will not only provide you with the areas where you can volunteer, but also make you intimate with the local communities and their culture. Our areas for voluntourism include some schools in remote villages of Gorkha, Langtang, Nagarkot and also the Manasalu Charity Trek program.

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