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Allan’s Charity Motor Bike Ride in Australia

Motorbike Fundraiser

In March 2022, Allan Waldon is taking his Honda CRF 300 through the Australian desert outback country so that he can raise funds for the project Personal Hygiene Pad Packs. During his charity bike trip, he will cover an enormous distance of 4,000 km and pass through three states: New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

He hopes to find people, groups and clubs and encourage them to donate to his noble effort. He writes in his blog post published at the website of Sambhav Nepal:

“Sponsoring this ride on the little Honda at just 1 cent a kilometre is $40 AU. That buys 3 Personal Hygiene Pad Packs for 3 girls, which gives each girl about 125 extra school days or 375 for 3 girls.  10 cents a km it’s $400AU and would help 30 girls and would add 1,250 days of education.”

Through his charity organization The Butcher and Nepal, which he started with his daughter  Samantha Waldon, Allan Waldon is working to improve education, infrastructure and women & girls’ health and hygiene in the poor mountain villages of Nepal.

Allan Waldon is an old and longtime client of Ace the Himalaya. It’s admirable to see him spend his time doing charitable activities and projects for the needy people of Nepal.

You can read his full blog post here: https://www.sambhavnepal.org/charity-motor-bike-desert-trip-for-dignity-of-girls/

If you can contribute financially to this project, please we request you to help. The project will provide Personal Hygiene Pad Packs to girls and women of the mountain communities of Gorkha district in Nepal, and help them to not miss school during their menstrual period and practice safe and hygienic health habits.

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