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Teahouses in Annapurna Region; Things You Need to Know

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Annapurna region is the second most trekked region after the Khumbu area. Recently, few of the areas in the Annapurna Circuit has been accessed by motorable roads. With the huge flow of the tourists hitting to the Annapurna region there are hundreds of teahouses built in the trails here. For the travelers willing to do a luxury trek, the guesthouses are luxurious with a decent bathroom, comfortable king sized beds etc. However, as the maximum trekkers go for the normal trek and would want to stay in the basic guesthouse, there are few things that they must be aware about these teahouses.

Rooms and Beds

Talking about the rooms in guesthouses, they are facilitated with two or three twin beds. Sometimes there is the availability of a table, a small cupboard as well. The rooms are neat and tidy however if cleanliness is what bugs you, carrying the sleeping bag always helps. The rooms are cozy, the bedding is good with a pillow and a blanket. Occasionally in some of the guesthouses, there are dormitory styled rooms as well where the rooms must be shared by few travelers.

Twin beds in a cozy room in the trail

Toilets and Showers

Second most important thing after a good accommodation is having a comfortable bathroom. The shared toilets and the bathrooms are separate in most of the guesthouses. The toilets may be outside the building as well. Cold shower is available anytime however, extra charges is applicable for hot showers in all the teahouses.  The toilets are mostly a squat one with a ceramic basin fitted on the ground. The western styled toilets are found very rarely in the Mountain areas. Since at some of the guesthouses, toilets are placed outside the main building, carrying a torch for the night time is a good idea.

Image Source: Gemma Amor

Electricity, Charging Points and Wi-Fi

Most of the teahouses are facilitated with solar electricity. The rooms may have a bulb fitted in it but the charging points may not be available. To charge the mobile phones, camera batteries, the charging points are present in the communal hall or the reception area. Around 1-2$ must be paid for charging the electronic device per hour.

Wi-Fi is available in most of the guesthouses. Extra charges are applicable for using the Wi-Fi in the guesthouses you will be residing in.

Food and Dining hall

One of the most important things while traveling definitely is the good and nutritious food. Most of the guesthouses in the Annapurna region facilitate with a wide variety of food menu. Pasta, pizza, momo, noodles, tuna bakes, bakery items and many more are included in the menu. However, the traditional rice, lentil and curry, the dal bhat tops the list of them all. The diet of traditional Nepali food is good not only for stomach but it also provides all the necessary nutrients to climb the high hills and the trekking routes. Choosing healthy and light diet is the best idea to stay out of foul stomach while on the trek.

Lunch in the trail

Like any other trails, Annapurna region also facilitates with a big communal hall which is warmed with the help of some fuel wood or with the cow dung cakes. All the travelers sit around to enjoy their food, share talks, accompany each other and well spend good times together. Kitchen is usually in a different room where no one is expected to enter.

Communal/dining hall in the teahouses Image: Andrew Hyde

So next time you think of traveling to the Annapurna Region, these are few of the things to keep in mind and be aware of.

Featured Image: Feng Wei/Getty Images