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The “Open Air Market” Amidst Chaotic Kathmandu City

This open air market with the theme “Slowly, Locally, And Freshly”.All the local farmers gather together to put forward fresh products amidst the customers.

The “Open Air Market” Amidst Chaotic Kathmandu City

Nepal is a country rich in culture and traditions. “Haat-bazaar” has always been one of these in both rural and some urban parts of Nepal. “Haat” is an open air market. It serves as a trading venue for local people in village areas and some towns of Nepal.

To get that authentic feel of a traditional market, similar open air markets have been started in Kathmandu. But there is one such market that has become hugely popular. The market is located at Le Sherpa restaurant Lazimpat and is known as “Le Sherpa’s Farmer’s Market”.

This market opened in early 2017 with the theme “Slowly, Locally, And Freshly”. Local farmers gather to present fresh products, both raw and cooked, to customers. With the goal of selling the best organic foods, the market has become much admired.

Le Sherpa’s Farmers’ Market provides farmers space for selling their goods while giving customers – mainly tourists – the opportunity to buy healthy organic food products.

Along with organic fruits and vegetables, a variety of other food items are available; including, European cheese, fresh fish, bread, doughnuts, pastries, organic tea, coffee, organic honey, homemade chutneys and jams, wine, beer and a lot more. Many delicacies from various top restaurants of Kathmandu valley can also be found here.

open market
The “Open Air Market” Amidst Chaotic Kathmandu City

The Farmer’s market at Le Sherpa has created a platform for interaction between the farmers, restaurants and artisans. It has allowed them to discover, debate and taste the best organic items in town. There are more than 40-50 farmers, vendors and restaurants participating in total. On Saturday this is the best place to shop for organic items and have a good breakfast.

On Saturdays, the market is opened from 8 am to 12:30 pm. Due to the increasing demand the market has started opening on Wednesday evenings from 4 to 7 pm.

So if you are looking forward to organic food and other tasty and healthy items, you should visit the wonderful Farmers’ Market at Le Sherpa.

Image source: Le Sherpa

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