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Nepal’s Big Bucket List Adventures

We are gifted by nature in many ways. Every gift we have caters many hidden adventures which we have listed in our bucket list as follows.

Nepal’s Big Bucket List Adventures

For the adrenaline junkies among you, may we modestly suggest a possible bucket list for your next visit to Nepal.

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Source: Daily Mail online

1. Everest Sky Dive

Imagine leaping out of a helicopter from 23,000 feet, almost the height of Everest, the highest mountain in the world. You float among the stunning peaks before landing on the world’s highest drop zone, which lies between Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar, very near the base camp of Everest. You can dive solo or tandem. This is one of the truly extreme aerial adventures in the world.

2. Paragliding

Paragliding in Pokhara11
Source: Ananya Nepal

One thing you should never miss in Nepal is paragliding from Sarangkot to fly above the beautiful Pokhara valley in the lap of the Annapurnas. Fewa Lake below and the Himalayas all around will take your breathe away.

3. Rafting & Kayaking

Rafting b
Source: Lion Tours and Travels

Nepal offers whitewater rafting and kayaking from Class I (beginner) to V (expert) through an amazing diversity of ecosystems, from low lying jungles to raging mountain creeks. You can paddle a single day or multi-days. Whatever you choose, you will see the beauty of Nepal from a different perspective while experiencing the rush and roar of fast moving water.

4. Mountain Biking

What is the best way to see Nepal? Well, many of you might say by walking up and down the hills, trekking to the base camps, walking to the most beautiful lakes and rivers and so on. To which we would say it is true but guess what?

Tangi corner
Source: Trekking Guide Team Adventure

We have an alternative here! Mountain biking through most of the Himalayan regions, like Annapurna circuit or riding through the Mustang valley, one thing you will be in awe is the beauty that Nepal possesses. Riding through rough roads, the tracks may go steep high or it may go only downhill. Whichever way it goes, the rider will never be disappointed which is why mountain biking lies in one of our bucket list adventures.

5. Canyoning

Source: Image Nepal

If you love water and getting wet, you will love canyoning among the cliffs and rivers of Nepal, extreme fun with amazing scenery among Nepal’s most beautiful canyons. Abseiling/rappelling down cliffs, through majestic waterfalls, over thrilling overhangs (Hoping your stomach catches up some time soon) to gorgeous natural pools will get your attention

6. Bungee and Bridge Swing at Bhotekoshi

Bungy Jumping in Nepal 6
Source: Trekking Guide Team Adventure

When it comes to bungee at Bhotekoshi, all we need to do is imagine a suspension bridge over a 160 m high gorge. Beneath the suspension bridge lies the raging, white water of Bhotekoshi River. Then the freefall. Thrilling and heart-pounding. Are palms sweating yet? The place has spectacular scenery and dense forests, but but you may not notice these beauties during your plunge and the electrifying swing at the end.

7. Zip Flyer

The world’s tallest, longest, steepest and fastest zip line lies in the city of lakes, Pokhara. The zip line is 1.8 km long and runs at the speed of 140 km per hour. Reputedly, the best view of the Annapurnas can be had from this zip line, but we suspect you may have your eyes closed.

Source: Tour and Trekking Nepal

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