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Mountain Stories – Guides Tell the Tale Themselves; Ram Prasad Lamichhane

Ram Prasad Lamichhane started as a porter for 2 years, he then started working as a guide after gaining all the experience as he can. Ra, has been in this field for more than 12 years till now.

Mountain Stories – Guides Tell the Tale Themselves; Ram Prasad Lamichhane

Ram Prasad Lamichhane has been in this field for almost 12 years now. Starting as a porter for 2 years, he then started working as a guide after gaining all the experience in the trekking field. With a cheerful smile and a pleasant attitude, he has won the hearts of many of his clients.

He is one of our highly demanded guides because of his expertise and experience. It has just been 1 and a half year since he has joined our company and has already become one of the important members of the Ace the Himalaya family. Currently, he works as the main trekking guide in our company.

Ram Prasad Lamichhane is also our tour guide besides trekking. He has been to many historical, cultural and religious places of Nepal till now.

While having a short conversation with him, we got the chance to ask him about his experience and knowledge about his profession working as a guide. Let us see what he has to share with us.

What is a normal day like for you on a trek? “A day in the life of a guide”.

My day starts after I wake up at 6 AM in the morning and then go wake all my clients for breakfast. While having our breakfast we discuss about lots of different things. I will explain to them about what kinds of places we will be going, what different types of trails we need to go through and what might the weather condition be during the day.

After our trek starts, I make sure my clients are not under any kinds of pressure. I try to motivate them as much as I can. I make sure they are drinking enough water to make them hydrated throughout the day. Resting is very important while trekking so I make sure we have a break for every 30-40 minutes. In our break time, we click photos and share some of our stories while enjoying all those beautiful mountain views.

After we reach our destination we rest there for a while. When my clients are resting the first thing I do is allocate rooms for the clients and check the cleanliness of the rooms. At night time we have our dinner and then there we do a short briefing about tomorrow’s trekking schedule.

Ram Prasad Lamichhane with his client
Ram Prasad Lamichhane with his client

What is your favorite trekking route?

I don’t really have a specific favorite trekking route. I feel happy wherever I go. Every trekking routes are different from one another and each and every place has a unique beauty. All those beautiful mountain views, landscapes never ceases to amaze me. I really can’t get enough of all those wonderful sceneries.

What has been the most challenging moment for you as a trekking guide?

Well, in the year 2015, when the earthquake hit, we were just returning from Annapurna Base Camp Trek. We all were very shocked after facing the devastating earthquake of such level. We were completely frozen and couldn’t move our body because of fear. We remained in one place for some time. All our hopes of surviving were completely down. No one from my group had ever faced such a big earthquake. All my clients were completely hopeless.

I thought of encouraging them. It was quite difficult to make them stand on their feet but we had no other choice. We build up all our courage and start moving to our next destination. After we reached our destination we felt completely safe but we still had a small fear of the aftershocks of the earthquake.

What is it like working for Ace the Himalaya?

I think I have made the right choice joining Ace the Himalaya. Although it has just been 2 seasons since I joined here, I am completely satisfied with the working environment over here. Ace the Himalaya has given me lots of different opportunities. Since it is a well-renowned trekking agency, I have got many chances to work as a trekking guide. Even all the staffs working here are quite friendly. We all help each other to grow in our field.

Ram and his client holding banner in Everest Bbase Camp
Ram Prasad Lamichhane with his client holding banner in the Everest Base Camp

What do you like the most about guiding?

I got into trekking since I was small. I always liked going to different kinds of place that I have never been to. I started guiding due to these reasons. After I started as a porter, I got the chance to visit many different places. All those glorious big mountains fascinated me.

The main thing that motivates me while guiding is to see all those happy, puzzled faces of my clients. They come from all across the world just to see the mountains and to see their happy face after they reached their destination is what I cherish the most.

Also, going to such places is my type of favorite thing. I can earn money while traveling, what more can I ask for?

ram dai with his smiling client
Ram Prasad Lamichhane and his client

What is your most impressive climb?

When I was in my training days, I got the chance to go on an expedition to Pisang peak which is located in Annapurna region. There I got to climb to its top which is 6091 m high from the sea level. It is not as tall as other mountains but I am just glad that I got the chance to climb the mountain. This is my most impressive climb till now.

Did the Earthquake affect your work?

To be honest the earthquake did affect my work. It didn’t bother me for a long time but, I was not working for six whole month. All the bookings for the year were almost immediately canceled. Due to all the cancellation, I had no works for six month. But after some time, tourist started visiting Nepal again and I was back with my work.

Tell us about your family and home.

I was born in Arughat, Gorkha. I am now 35 years old. Currently, I live in Kathmandu with my wife and a small daughter.

Ram with his glasses on

We wish Ram Prasad Lamichhane to have a good future ahead of him.

Ace the Himalaya, is a travel and trekking company based in Nepal.  Ace the Himalaya has meticulously created unique outdoor adventure journeys for you to explore the highlights of four enchanting, yet very different cultural wonderlands – Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. From trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering to rafting, wildlife safari, cultural tours and other adventure activities, Ace the Himalaya has an option for all kinds of outdoor lovers. We are proud to showcase the beauty of Nepal to the world and take your journey beyond the ordinary! For more information, contact us.



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