Manaslu Circuit Trek

Major Attractions in Manaslu Region

Unveil the valleys, mountains, lakes, and villages of the Manaslu region which makes the place worth visiting and plan your Manaslu Circuit adventure accordingly.

Major Attractions in Manaslu Region

With the uncountable trekking routes that await you in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit trek has recently made its way into the list, and it is one of the best off-the-beaten path treks in Nepal.

There are several reasons why you should trek the Manaslu circuit. However, what lies beyond the circuit? This is a question frequent amidst travelers wanting to add certain side trips and extensions to their trekking itinerary.

So, what are the major attractions in the Manaslu region? Let’s find out!

The Enchantment of Manaslu Region

Located in the Manaslu Conservation Area, the Manaslu region is one of the most underrated travel destinations of Nepal which is often overshadowed by the likes of the Annapurna and Everest region.

Encompassing the eighth highest peak in the world, the Manaslu region is a part of the ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet and its roots stretch back to ancient Tibetan traditions.

Beyond the allure of Mt. Manaslu, the region is also one of the remote locations of Nepal which has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, cultures and traditions, architectural marvels, as well as culinary delicacies.

Mt. Manaslu

The first name and the major attraction of the Manaslu region definitely has to be the mighty peak from which the region, the entire conservation area, and the popular trekking routes get their name- Mt. Manaslu.

This magnificent peak is the crown jewel of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Standing tall at 8,163 meters, it is the eighth highest peak in the world and amongst the limited 8000-ers around the world.

Locally known as Kampunge, this mountain is also considered to be of spiritual significance by a group of people. However, it is open for mountaineering and the climb to Manaslu is known as moderately challenging.

Acclimatization hike to Pungyen Gompa, Manaslu Circuit Trek
View of Mt. Manaslu during acclimatization hike to Pungyen Gompa

Irrespective of whether you are a spectator or a climber, the peak is equally stunning in all regards. The mountain also houses several flora and fauna across the different ecological zones that it features.

As a trekker, you will come across the likes of colorful rhododendrons blooming in spring or be on the lookout for elusive blue sheep and majestic Himalayan tahr grazing on the slopes.

It also features many long ridges and valley glaciers which makes it a rather easily accessible 8000-er in Nepal. If you are experienced in mountaineering and want to climb the likes of Mt. Everest in the future, climbing Mt. Manaslu is a good option for you.

Larkya La Pass

The Larkya La Pass located at 5,106 meters is one of the most challenging passes of the Himalayas of Nepal and it is also the highest point of the Manaslu Circuit trek. It is also considered the most challenging yet rewarding location of the region.

While the altitude of this pass is similar to some other challenging mountain passes, what makes it more difficult is the remoteness of the region as it is located between Dharmashala and Bhimthang which are considerably untouched regions of Nepal.

Trekkers at Larkya La Pass, Manaslu Circuit
Trekkers at Larkya La Pass, Manaslu Circuit

Reaching the Larkya La Pass is a huge challenge as you will come across some of the most rugged and challenging landscapes. It is a part of an off-the-beaten path trekking route of Nepal, and it lives up to the name.

However, the experience and the view after you reach at the top is truly worth all the challenges. Amidst the fluttering prayer flags, you will get a stunning view unlike any other.

Larkya La Pass
Larkya La Pass

Phenomenal views stretching across the Himalayan belt unfold and you will see the likes of Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Shringi Himal, Hiunchuli, Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kang Kuru, Annapurna II, and more.

Also, the feeling of accomplishment once you reach the top of the pass is truly irreplaceable and you find a newfound sense of appreciation for yourself.

Manaslu Base Camp

Another highlight of the Manaslu region is the Manaslu Base Camp located at an altitude of approximately 4,800 meters. It is one of the most sought-after vantage points in the region that allows you to experience the majesty of Mt. Manaslu up close.

The journey to Manaslu Base Camp is also equally thrilling and enjoyable as it passes through some of the culturally rich and vibrant villages of the region that gives you an authentic Himalayan experience.

A gradual transformation of landscapes accompanies you as you ascend from the lush greenery to reach a more stark and sparse vegetation at the base camp. The base camp, however, is characterized by the shadow of Mt. Manaslu itself.

Besides that, you can see several glaciers and moraines and a breathtaking panorama of the likes of Ngadi Chuli, Himal Chuli, and Shringi Himal welcome you to this majestic location.

The base camp, along with being a stunning viewpoint, acts as a window into mountaineering for trekkers. At the same time, it also serves as a launch pad for summit expeditions.

The Manaslu base camp also serves as a humble reminder of the challenges that come with mountaineering. Therefore, for the Tsum and Nubri group, the journey to the base camp is done out of respect for the might of nature.

The Manaslu base camp also is one of the sunrise viewing points in Nepal as you can witness a beautiful sunrise over the mountains from here. All in all, it is one of the major highlights of the region and a significant stop in trekking routes like Manaslu Circuit trek.

Birendra Lake

Adding to the natural attractions in the Manaslu region is the Birendra Lake, locally known as Birendra Taal. It is a freshwater lake located amidst the towering Himalayas and is a serene and picturesque point at an altitude of 3,691 meters in Samagaun.

The ecosystem around the lake is truly a treat to experience as it is situated on the Manaslu Glacier surrounded by icy peaks and lush greenery. It is a worthy detour and is a popular acclimatization hike for the people going on Manaslu Circuit trek.

Birendra Lake
Birendra Lake

The slug-green water of the lake is home to a variety of aquatic life like plants and plankton. On top of that, the lake also provides a stunning reflection of its surroundings, further adding to its beauty.

The surroundings of the lake radiate serenity and give you a moment of calm away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, while the icy water gives a taste of the cool temperatures of the surrounding mountains.


Often referred to as the melting pot of culture, Namrung is a village located at a relatively lower region of the Manaslu Conservation Area at 2,630 meters, and it serves as a resting spot, especially for trekkers.

The major highlight of Namrung is the Tibetan monastery that lies behind it. However, it also helps to facilitate the transition and elevation gain for trekkers while also boasting stunning views of the Himalayas.

A Gompa on the way to Lho from Namrung
A Gompa on the way to Lho from Namrung

One unique thing you will come across in Namrung is the blend of the Tibetan and Nepali cultures. You will come across stone houses that are crafted beautifully in a local and Tibetan architectural style.

The culinary experience is also similar as you will get a delicious combination of the Nepali cuisine with a hint of Tibetan flavours. There are small rebuilt gompas and monasteries in the village with intricate woodwork.

The vista here is beautiful as the distant Himalayas provide a contrasting background to the lush green landscapes with colorful flora and active wildlife dotting the region making it a perfect spot for photographers too.


Along with being an important acclimatization stop on the Manaslu Circuit trek, Samagaon at 3,530 meters is another major attraction of the Manaslu region and it is regarded as the heart of the Nubri culture.

Tibetan Buddhism is predominant in Samagaon and you will come across several small and some big and significant monasteries which serve as a spiritual center in the village while also being the center of attraction of tourists.


You will find mani walls, chortens, and prayer wheels with Buddhist mantras at every small distance and the entire village is dotted with colorful and spiritual prayer flags fluttering with the winds.

Pungyen Gompa is an ancient monastery that features stunning panoramic views accompanied by the spiritual chants of the monks. This monastery is also located at a close proximity to Samagaon.


Besides that, other interesting and picturesque locations like Manaslu Base Camp and Birendra Lake are also located at a relatively short distance from Samagaon and you can visit here for acclimatization hikes.

You will also get stunning views of the likes of Mt. Manaslu while your body also actively adjusts to the altitude, therefore making it a suitable spot for acclimatization.

Nubri Valley

The valleys of Manaslu region are also hidden delights. Nubri Valley is one of the underrated locations in the Manaslu region which is located at an elevation of almost 4,000 meters. It boasts a postcard perfect scenery along with rich cultural heritage.

The valley can be accessed via a small detour from the famous Manaslu Circuit trek or it can be visited as a major stop of some of the other trekking routes like the Nubri Valley trek and more.

Tibetan culture is highly prevalent in this region as people here have Tibetan roots, and you will find the Loba people living here who add a facet of unique cultural richness to the region. They also speak their own Loba language.

You will experience an authentic Himalayan life here as this valley is untouched by modernity and tourism. The valley boasts traditional and vibrant Loba houses adorned with intricate carvings.

People here are mostly engaged in yak herding and other nomadic ways of life will be on display for you to experience. For those wanting to stay here, homestays are a common option.

That way you can interact more with the locals and learn about their culture, experience their warmth and hospitality, and relish their delicious cuisines.

Tsum Valley

The Manaslu region also has a hidden gem which is the Tsum Valley. This secluded valley carved by the mighty Budi Gandaki River borders Tibet, and it is located at elevation ranging from 2,000 m to 3,500 m.

The valley is very rich in Buddhist culture, traditions, and heritage. It is highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and is also considered a sacred pilgrimage site for many people as it is believed to be inhabited by protectors back in time.

The locals of the Tsum Valley are known as Tsumbas and it is also inhabited by the Nubri people who consider the valley to be of high religious value. You will find deep-rooted cultures and traditions in the valley.

Gompa in Tsum Valley
Gompa in Tsum Valley

There are several caves, monasteries, mani walls, chortens, and gompas in the valley, It is also dotted with fluttering and colorful prayer flags, each one carrying lots of wishes and prayers.

The Tsum valley is a restricted area and while it is open to tourists, you must carry a Restricted Area Permit and also be careful while visiting the valley. You will also find unique wildlife including blue sheep and Himalayan tahr here.

The terrains of Tsum Valley are quite dramatic and feature narrow gorges and cross rickety suspension bridges. These make the treks around the valley like the Tsum Valley trek much more adventurous and thrilling.

Rupina La Pass

Rupina La pass is another one of the challenging mountain passes of the Manaslu region which is also one of the vantage points. Located at an altitude of 4,720 meters, it can be considered an easier alternative to the Larkya La Pass.

The pass is a part of some of the treks of the Manaslu region, one of which is the Rupina La Pass trek which allows you to experience landscapes and views as stunning as the Larkya La Pass but without having to commit to the altitude and challenges of it.

From this pass, you will get panoramic vistas of several Himalayan giants like Mount Manaslu, Peak 38, the Annapurna range, Boudha Himal, Himalchuli, Kutang Himal, Rani Peak, and West Peak.

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