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Sambhav Nepal: CSR initiative of Ace the Himalaya

Sambhav Nepal was established in 2006 by Prem K. Khatry, also the founder/managing director of Ace the Himalaya. Here are major programs of Sambhav Nepal

Sambhav Nepal: CSR initiative of Ace the Himalaya

Ace the Himalaya not only puts effort on making the Himalayan tour of every client one of their most memorable tours but also strives to bring difference in the lives of some underprivileged people and in a few rural communities in western Nepal. We do all these through Sambhav Nepal Foundation, a not-for-profit social organization.

Sambhav Nepal was established in 2006 by Prem K Khatry, also the founder/managing director of Ace the Himalaya. Its main objectives are to establish and implement long lasting sustainable education & health systems that impact isolated areas of Arupokhari, Aruchanaute and Ratmate villages which are located in the northern part of Gorkha district in western Nepal.

The main financial backbone for Sambhav Nepal is Ace the Himalaya. It also runs with the support from donors based in Australia and sponsors of children from around the world.

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Sambhav Nepal is registered with the Nepal Government administration and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. The organization focuses mainly on the welfare of communities plagued by immense poverty in its working areas.

Its notable feature is the fact that it tries on making a few villages of Gorkha model villages, rather than broadening the areas of functioning. Education and sanitation of these villages have always been foremost priorities of Sambhav Nepal; meanwhile, it also looks after issues of health and environment in these areas.

Some major programs of Sambhav Nepal:

Renovation of school

In 2006, Sambhav Nepal renovated Bhairabi Primary School, as the first project, after which it has gradually expanded the scope of support as well as the number of schools it serves.


In 2010, Sambhav Nepal established a community library in Dharapani School in Arupokhari village.

2. Students Subash Ramchandra Rajkumar and Bishwajyoti spent endless hours helping out with the coding of the books
Students Subash, Ramchandra, Rajkumar and Bishwajyoti spent endless hours helping out with the coding of the books.


A 5-stalled toilet was built with the support of Sambhav Nepal at Bhairabi School, which was inaugurated by Hon. Susane Grace, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal.



Sambhav Nepal also has arranged domestic and foreign volunteers to teach and perform community development activities in the affiliated institutions. Voluntourism program of Ace the Himalaya is targeted for the schools and community development activities at the working areas of Sambhav Nepal Foundation.

Sponsorship Program

Child sponsorship program is the most important project of Sambhav Nepal. The organization has made it possible for some brilliant students from underprivileged families of these villages to study at private English schools in Kathmandu and at state owned schools in their own villages. The sponsors of the children are from various parts of the world.

Please go through the website of Sambhav Nepal for information, activities and details:

You could also join the facebook page of Sambhav Nepal:

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