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10 Mind-blowing Facts about Mount Everest

Read here the most fascinating facts about Mount Everest that blows your mind. The highest peak of the World, Mount Everest is situated in Nepal

10 Mind-blowing Facts about Mount Everest

1. In 1856, Mount Everest was named after the then Surveyor General of India George Everest despite his objection and who actually never saw the peak.

2.  At the summit of Mt Everest, a person breathes in the third of the amount of oxygen he or she normally breathes.

3. Every year the mountain grows taller by approximately 4 mm.

4. Everest is more than ten times taller than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure of any kind.

5. There is weak cell phone signal at the top of Everest, which made it possible to send the first tweet in 2011 and to place the first phone call in 2013 from the summit.

6. The last year no one climbed Mt Everest was 1974.

7. Since 1969 at least one person has died on the mountain every year, except on 1977.

8. It’s estimated that there are about 200 dead bodies on Mt Everest, and they are used as waypoints to the summit.

9. Mt Everest is also the world’s dirtiest mountain which is littered with an estimated 50 tons of waste. (A new rule has come into effect which states that each climber must bring down 8 kg of waste on their descent or lose their $4000 deposit.)

10. Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain on earth. It’s the highest. Mauna Kea, an inactive volcano in Hawaii, holds the record of being the tallest mountain as its total height measured from the base on the ocean floor to its summit is 10, 200 m, with only 4, 205 m of its upper part above sea level. Mt Everest is called the highest mountain as its elevation above sea level is 8, 848 m, which is higher than any other mountain on earth.

You can know more Mount Everest facts at the Telegraph.

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