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Covid-19 Nepal Update: Open for Travel with No Restrictions

If your Nepal travel plans have been on hold due to the long list of restrictions due to COVID, this is your sign to book your trips to Nepal immediately as the new travel advisory from Government of Nepal has rescinded all previously issued restrictions on travel as of March 10, 2022. Nepal now issues visa on arrival to all travelers including those that are unvaccinated.

We have since hosted numerous treks welcoming travelers from all parts of the globe in the land of Himalayas. Our trips have been running smoothly. Moreover, the trekking routes are fully open and safe for travel.

Things to note before you take off to Nepal:

Visitors should have a proof of receiving their last dose of Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 full days prior to entering Nepal.

  • Negative RT-PCR test results not older than 72 hours are required for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated tourists.
  • A CCMC generated QR Code is necessary. Fill out the CCMC form. After submitting the form, a System Generated Bar Code is displayed, please take a screenshot or print it and keep it safely. For your reference answers to the questions are as follows:Covid Update CCMC form
  • PCR isn’t mandatory. However, check with your airlines and transit country if it’s a requirement at their end.
  • Quarantine upon arrival is not mandatory.
  • Masks are not mandatory for the fully vaccinated visitors. You can freely travel around and visit all places without masks. But, if you still want to wear masks, that is your choice and you are free to do so.
  • For latest travel advisory please visit immigration.gov.np

Once you have provided the necessary documents and followed the required steps, you will be issued an on-arrival Nepal entry visa after paying the fees (USD 30 for 15 days, USD 50 for 30 days and USD 125 for 90 days). We suggest that you carry cash amount of at least USD 200 or equivalent convertible accepted currencies for easy payment of visa fee to save time as digital payment isn’t reliable most of the time.

On your departure from Nepal:

  • Check with your airlines and transit country if PCR-test is a requirement at their end. We can help you arrange this test with the approved hospital. We can either call the test team at your hotel or you can visit the hospital. Both test and transportation costs (NPR 2500, approx USD 20) are yours to bear. Your test will be available within next 12 hours.
  • Fill out the CCMC form. After submitting the form, a System Generated Bar Code is displayed, please take a screenshot or print it and keep it safely.

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is mandatory for booking any of the Ace the Himalaya’s tour and packages.

Traveling is filled with fun and adventure but the shadow of risk is always there. One never knows what lies in store at the next corner, so one should always be prepared for unforeseen risks and hazards that one may face!

Travelling in the beautiful Himalayas is fraught with danger. The rugged terrain and soaring heights may steal your heart away but these are places where one should be careful every step of the way. One could suffer a fall or an altitude sickness while traveling in the Himalayas.  Thus, we recommend a travel insurance that compensates for circumstances like emergency departure activity, accidents, catastrophes, flight delay/cancellation, and so forth. We ensure to help you with the necessary paperwork for filing an insurance claim.

For Latest Updates:

Nepal Immigration & Visa Updates

US State Department Updates

UK Foreign Travel Advice

Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal

German Embassy Kathmandu

Clients who have booked with us before the pandemic and not yet have the chance to set foot in the Himalayan country, you can get in touch with us anytime to discuss further about resuming your postponed trips. There is no pressure to do the trip soon. When to do is entirely your decision to take. You have plenty of time until 2025 to do your trip.

Others, who have plans to come to Nepal but haven’t formalized their bookings, now is the time to visit Nepal.

We welcome you with open arms to Nepal. We hope to see you in the Himalayas and organize amazing trips for you.

Regards and Namaste,

Ace the Himalaya Team

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