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A message from Ace the Himalaya’s CEO to travelers [LAST UPDATED Feb 02, 2021]

corona update

Dear Valued Customers,

Latest Update:

Nepal has recently started vaccination. Our government is using Covishield, which is manufactured by Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. The vaccine was actually developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca; Covishield is a local brand name for use in India and neighboring countries. This vaccine has received approval in many countries including UK, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, all of European Union countries, etc. At first, our government is vaccinating front-line health workers and old age people. Since our country is small and has less population, it won’t take long to vaccinate a large number of people and create a safe space for travel. Moreover, we are also getting a huge number of doses of vaccine from China. This will speed up the vaccination campaign.

The mandatory 7-day quarantine has been removed too. You will need a 72-hour negative PCR test before arriving here as this is asked by the airlines. And once you are here in Nepal, you can immediately move around without quarantining yourself. But if you show symptoms for Covid-19, you will be asked to get a PCR test and only be allowed to travel if you receive a negative result. Additionally, your home country might ask for PCR test report before letting you enter. We can organize the test for you here. You will need 10-15 hours after the test to get the result.

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in isolation or partial lockdown of countries, the current situation has been challenging globally. Of course, the travel industry is no exception, and has been largely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. For Ace the Himalaya, it’s a similar story because we had to cancel all our trips for 2020.

As a precautionary and safety measure, our country Nepal had implemented restrictions for the tourist entry to Nepal until further notice. Some of the restrictions have been lifted and the travel has been made easier for those who are interested to come to Nepal. Our highest priority is the safety and health of our clients and staff. With this in mind, I would like to share the actions we are taking to help you take informed decisions when traveling with us.

We encourage you to postpone the trip instead of cancelling it completely.

In response to this challenging time due to COVID-19 which is beyond anyone’s control, we’ve made it easier for you to postpone the trip if you have already booked with us. We are providing free postponement options to all our clients. We urge you to support us in this if at all possible because, as you can imagine, the financial implications for us are huge.

If you want to postpone the trip, you don’t have to confirm new dates now and you can travel anytime in the next 5 years without any extra cost. This means the payments you have already made stay secure with us and you can re-book the trip at a later date instead of immediately cancelling now and losing the deposit.

Keeping you informed about our refund policy

The refund of any size and kind isn’t possible due to the strict monetary policies of the central bank Nepal Rastra Bank. Without their approval, we can’t transfer money out of the country. As a result, we can’t refund to our clients for trips not done. This is also the reason why we take a 30% non-refundable deposit for any trip booking and clearly communicate to our clients at the time of booking that their deposit can’ t be refunded for any reason whatsoever. Normally many international travel companies ask for full price before doing the trip, but due to the difficulty to refund from Nepal, we only ask for the 30% non-refundable deposit and the clients pay the remaining dues once they have arrived in Nepal.

Because of all this, we encourage you to postpone the trip and use the credit in the future. The credit can be used later as five years from the time of postponement. Along with time, the price of flights, hotels, guides and porters etc. could increase but there would be no additional cost to you.

We’re dedicated to providing you the feasible options and “Experience the difference” when traveling with us.

I want you to be prepared, stay alert and study the trends as this is an unprecedented situation. We are not sure what the consequences are going to be, but we understand our services and always look forward to supporting your needs. You are allowed to choose travel dates, and postpone freely as per your choice with our flexible travel options.

Last but not least, my thoughts are with our clients and business partners to stay safe in your destination and avoid panicking. I hope that you are optimistic, adaptable and positive about long term implications even in these uncertain times.

I hope to see you in the near future in the land of the Himalayas.

Best wishes and Namaste,

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Prem K Khatry

Ace the Himalaya

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