Trishuli River Clean-Up Campaign

In January 2012 as a part of celebration of the seventh anniversary, Ace the Himalaya continued the cleanliness campaign in Trishuli River as well. The Trishuli River areas are polluted by the visitors who come there to enjoy rafting. On 17th and 18th February, Ace the Himalaya team participated in the cleaning campaign of the river. Each of the two divided groups cleaned approximately 500 meters stretch on either direction of the river. Likewise, 2 kilometer stretch of the Trishuli River was cleaned by our enthusiastic people, who were joined by the locals as well.

This Trishuli River Rafting & Cleaning Campaign went on to become another crucial step towards our policies of Responsible tourism with environmental conservation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Even though the program was a small scale one, it brought about some good results like:

  • The river clean-up program quite worked towards spreading the message of eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness among the locals and others.
  • As aforementioned, 2 km stretch of the river was cleaned; which is a notable achievement.
  • We have been aware that the campaign helped to build a good rapport among the colleagues at Ace the Himalaya.

Our Clean-up Campaigns Photo Gallery