EBC with Madan & team

By: Abhijit Kulkarni
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Amazing experience of trekking in Himalayas with two other solo trekkers-Oscar & Sadish and Natasha briefly before she continued with her different trek.

Right from the beginning the overall feeling was great. Helpful & insightful pre trek briefing followed by daily evening updates by Madan along with plenty talks along the way made it memorable.
The food was plentiful and healthy and organic. The walks were full of fresh air and locals along the way.

Madan-our main guide- what can I say? A mature but very friendly person with ton loads of knowledge about mountains, experience and life skills who was always ready to help and make sure everyone in the group was supported. I have already decided to come back next year for a new trek with Madan as the guide.

Jit & Anil-our porters-they did an incredibly hard job. Jit even helped me to carry my backpack when I was struggling to walk due to my knee problems.

Overall an experience of lifetime which was made more memorable because of Madan and the team.

Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer
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