Cultural Tour and Sightseeing - Ace the Himalaya

Cultural Tour and Sightseeing

Tourism in Bhutan has been open since 1974. Bhutan remains to be one of the most exclusive tourist destinations. The ancient and traditional forms of music and dance of the different regions in Bhutan, usually loaded with sacred symbolism, have been scrupulously preserved. The gentle grace of the folk dances and the dramatic gusto of the energetic and resplendent masked dances are bound to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Our various culture tours introduce visitors to a unique aspect of Mahayana Buddhist Culture. With visits to religious festivals, temples, villages and pilgrimage sites. No Matter which tour you select, it will be an enjoyable and fascinating experience. Take a closer look at a culture in a land which remains unspoiled providing a beautiful example of the Traditional Himalayan way of life in existence today.

Ace the Himalaya offers following Cultural Tours.

Cultural Tour and Sightseeing
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