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Ace the Himalaya

Ace the Himalaya is a trekking and adventure sports agency based in Nepal serving to provide first-class adventure and holiday experience in the Himalayas. The company was established by Prem K Khatry in early 2006 with rather humble beginnings. Born in a remote village, surrounded by lush forest and an endless chain of hills, Khatry was inspired to start a career in travelling as a trekking Sherpa then eventually as a guide. With years of experience and enough know-how of the field, Khatry founded Ace the Himalaya. Since…

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Ace the Himalaya is an idea, that to share with the world the passion of travelling in the country of Himalayas and help travelers realize their dream of making lasting memories.

Certificate of Excellence

We are proud to showcase the Himalayas to the world and take your journey beyond the ordinary. We have therefore been recognized and rewarded the certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor, the largest travel review site in the world, consecutively from the year 2012.

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Yala Peak Expedition – 15 Days
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3,660 m /12004.8 ft
Just about anyone can participate in one of these holidays. Minimum walking time is 2 hours and maximum walking time is approximately 5 hours a day. By the time you walk around a number of historical sites you’ll be surprised at how quickly the time passes. You do have the chance to take your time and there are plenty of places where you can rest if needed.
Go on 7 day trip for USD 2,400 PP
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13 Tips to Improve Your Everest Base Camp Trekking Experience
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