Sajiya Shah - Ace the Himalaya

Sajiya Shah
Manager: Sales & Operation

Sajiya Shah, Ace the Himalaya’s Sales & Operation Manager holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. Prior to joining ‘Ace the Himalaya’, she was involved in the field of communication for four years. She joined the company as a communication officer and within a few years, through her hard work and aptitude managed to climb up to a managerial position. She was awarded Employee of the Year in 2016.

As the company’s Sales & Operation Manager, her job involves communicating with clients on the company’s behalf, meet up with them and organize pre-trek and post-trek orientations, solve any problems if they have any and take care of operations of the company. We can say that she is the ‘face of Ace the Himalaya’ as almost all of our clients are in touch with her from the planning stages of their trip to the end of their tour.

During her free time, she loves reading novels, newspapers and magazines, listening to music etc. She is also an avid nature lover. She loves traveling and getting acquainted with new people. It was her love for traveling that made her apply for a position at ‘Ace the Himalaya’. She is hard working, passionate, a great communicator and problem-solver, qualities which make her a treasured employee. Sajiya is also a freelance trainer for telecommunication and writes for different newspapers and magazines.

Cetificate of Sajiya

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