Ram Prasad Lamichhane

Ram Prasad Lamichhane

Trekking Guide

Ram is from Arughat, Gorkha. Started his career as a porter, he is now a full-fledged main guide. His cheerful smile and pleasant personality has won the hearts of many of his clients. Ram is very talented in this field. Because of his expertise and experience, he is one of the most demanded guide of our company. Ram has 12 years of experience in trekking field.

Ram is not just trekking guide only. He also does tour guide on various places of Nepal. He has been to almost each and every religious place in the country.
Ram says that seeing his client’s happy face is what motivates him. No matter what the situation is, he believes he can build up the courage of his clients. He wants all his clients to be motivated throughout the whole trip.

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