Pratap Neupane

Pratap Neupane

City & Mountain Biking Guide

Born in Gorkha, Nepal, Pratap Neupane is a passionate and ambitious traveler. His love for his home town and the mountains fuels his desire to introduce tourists to the area and the rest of the country. He started working as a porter guide in 2010. Similar to this, his passion for the mountains and desire to lead tourists from all over the world increased with time.

In 2013, he subsequently attained the required license for trekking guides. Pratap joins Ace the Himalaya in 2018 and explores numerous trekking regions in Nepal. Many other travelers have praised and recommended him for his guiding abilities. He also earned his tour guide license in 2018 in accordance with the law. Not to forget, he also has a High Altitude First Aid Certificate and is certified by Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism.

Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer Trekking in Nepal Creative Trip Designer
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