Lokesh Gurung - Ace the Himalaya

Lokesh Gurung
Manager: Sales & Business Development

Lokesh Gurung is ‘Ace the Himalaya’s’ Sales & Business Development Manager. After pursuing teaching and getting involved in content writing with an Australian web design and SEO firm, Lokesh joined Ace the Himalaya as its Content Writer. Lokesh is the recipient of Ace the Himalaya’s Best Teamwork Award 2018.

At present he is the Sales & Business Development Manager of the company. His job involves looking for new business avenues and marketing the company’s products in various online platforms, via social networking sites and e-newsletters. Affable, warm,  friendly and hard working, he doesn’t think twice about helping others and is generally well-liked.

Though he has moved on to business development, his first love remains writing and he continues to pen literary pieces. He is also interested in reading, music, hiking, discovering new ideas on the web and photography.

Cetificate of Lokesh

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