Responsible Tourism & Environmental Policy

Responsible tourism is very much imperative as it becomes a responsibility of each and every individual within the tourism sector. Because our business and our livelihood depend upon the continued existence of the natural environment, it has always been our policy to organize trips that leave behind as little carbon footprint as possible. Lessons have been learnt from the past and all current expeditions try to leave behind as little human residue in the catchment areas.

Our guides and porters are aware of their responsibilities in making responsible tourism a reality with each trip. Before our tour commences our guide will brief group members on the importance of conservation in the environment as part of our responsible tourism efforts. This procedure has become an integral responsibility of our ongoing efforts. We encourage programs and frequently participate and/or initiate clean up campaigns to promote awareness as well as maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. Our dedication continues to sourcing further ways we can conduct responsible tourism. Please visit Responsible Tourism Guidelines for Travellers to see what values we support and urge our guests to follow.

Our eco green practices continue to deliver improved ways of traveling, by minimizing our impact on the environment. With each and every one of our treks or tours we are always conscious of the impact that we have on the environment and limit our group numbers to a maximum of 15 at any one time.

Here are just a few main environmental policies that we follow:

  • At the office we run energy saving bulbs and turn off any unnecessary electricity. Each night we switch off all power sources, including computers at the power point.
  • For all the high altitude expeditions at the base camp, the solar panels are used instead of batteries which plays very important role in environment conservation.
  • As conscious business owners we have minimized our paper output by creating online brochures and e-newsletters.
  • For camping, we use gas for cooking and heating purposes to protect the forest. This eliminates wood fires and reduces gas emissions.
  • Rubbish is placed in bins provided, unless at high altitudes where the rubbish is disposed at the nearest facility, whether in a town or in a hotel.
  • We ask trekkers and tour groups remove unnecessary packaging and store items in reusable containers.
  • We are the member of Nepal Mountain Association and there is a rule of depositing ceratin amount which can be refunded after returning the garbage like tin cans, wrapped food etc which was taken on the trek. This helps in preserving environment.
  • We leave the campsites in better condition that when we found them, free of rubbish.
  • We don’t pollute water sources with soap or rubbish wastage.
  • Each of our employees minimizes the water usage by sparingly using water while bathing.
  • We request that our clients bring water containers to re-use for boiled/treated water instead of buying bottled water while trekking in remote areas and at high altitudes.