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How Physically Fit You Should Be For Everest Base Camp EBC Trek?

So you want to do the Everest Base Camp EBC Trek. Read here about the fitness levels and preparation you need for EBC trek

How Physically Fit You Should Be For Everest Base Camp EBC Trek?

So you want to do the Everest Base Camp EBC Trek. But before you go out in this trek, you want to be sure if you have enough physical fitness to successfully complete it. You don’t want to wear out, feel too exhausted and return without finishing the trek to the foot of the mountain mecca. You don’t want your vacation in the Himalayas to turn out to be a nightmare.

Before I tell you how much physical fitness you require for EBC trek, read these two amazing feats.

Two Young Feats

In 2012, a twelve-year boy Zac trekked to EBC along with his mom Theodora who writes at EscapeArtistes. In the same year, an Indian boy Aaryan Balaji also completed the same EBC trek. In addition, he also scaled Mount Kala Pattar the next day. He was just seven years old.

These two young boys, who aren’t typical muscled athletes trekked EBC safely and with great enjoyment.

The Answer
So what do you think?

The fitness advice you would get from trekkers and travel magazines/blogs, and which I would give to you, is that you should be reasonably fit for EBC trek. And by reasonably fit, it doesn’t mean to be like some ultra-athletic guy who takes part in the Olympics. Even if you don’t do regular exercises, if you can walk like 4 to 6 hours a day taking enough breaks in between, you are reasonably fit.

Just to be clear. You shouldn’t have knee or ankle problem. You shouldn’t suffer from some heart or lung diseases.

Otherwise, EBC trek is for you. It will take somewhere between 12 or 20 days. That’s enough days to gradually acclimatize with the high-altitude Himalayan environment and do pleasant walks in the Himalayas. Furthermore, there will always be porters and guides to help you. And you will come across passing-by Everest trekkers too.

The Preparations

There are preparations which you can do. Almost all trekkers do and it will be a lot better and a lot helpful if you do the preparations I am about to share with you about 2 months in advance before your trek begins.

1.    Go for a run or hike to hills where you have to do ascents and descents.
2.    Once a week, do a long walk.
3.    Swim and cycle.
4.    You can also go up and down the stairs of a tall building.
5.    Eat healthy food.
6.    If you do yoga, that helps too. Keep on doing. If you can, do more yoga related to breathing.

Keep in mind these preparations aren’t strictly compulsory. You can do well even when the preparations you do aren’t rigorous like that of some ultra-athletic person. Do these things in moderate place for two months or even less. And you are set to complete the Everest Base Camp EBC trek enjoyably.

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